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The delivery of business planning, strategic direction and clarity for every kind of business… we will take you where you want to go.

My consultant practice began when a friend asked me to help him start his business. It was then I found my true passion. I founded LMJC in 2009 to work with startups and existing businesses that endeavor to innovate, transition, and thrive.


LM Johnston Consulting has since worked independently and with professional teams, implementing initiatives in a wide variety of projects:


  • The commercialization of a new life-saving agricultural product: Established partnerships in the pharmaceutical industry for a leading Canadian university seeking to commercialize its anti-malarial plant.​

  • Led a company to international distribution: Brought a locally-based cosmetics company to an international distribution deal with a major department store chain.​​

  • Facilitated the financing of numerous startups and businesses-in-transition: Clarified and developed the strategic and financial planning of new and existing companies that successfully secured targeted financing. 

BA, SSGB, LMC, PMP, E-Com.Mgmt

​As a consultant, teacher, and mentor to commercial enterprise, I understand all aspects of the organization - from the bottom up and the top down -  from business concept to implementation.

I invite you to connect with me anytime.

- Laura M. Johnston

LM Johnston Consulting works with the best of industry professionals - with teams that meet the unique requirements of each and every project. Whether you need corporate development for your immigration plan, an exit strategy for your retirement, or commercial and regulatory expertise to support your cannabis license application, we partner with the right professionals to meet your needs and goals.

"As the owner of a cannabis micro grow operation, one of our early challenges was investor engagement. We needed a solid business plan and some really thorough financial projections. Laura was an asset to the building of our company. She put together an impressive business plan with an outstanding financial analysis. As a result, we were able to get key investors in the early stages of our startup. Laura was always very professional and cheerful. I wholeheartedly recommend her for her excellent work and commercial knowledge of the industry."                                                     


- Martin Lalonde, Co-Founder, CannaRanch Inc

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