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Business planning. Strategic direction. Clarity.
Thinking of opening a cannabis business?
Do it right the first time.

​LM Johnston Consulting works with the best of industry professionals - with teams that meet the unique requirements of each and every project. Whether you need corporate development for your immigration plan, an exit strategy for your retirement, or business expertise to support your cannabis application, we will partner with the right professionals to meet your needs and goals.

Do you know your products, your customers, and your production processes but need help in mapping out a business? A structured plan can facilitate business success.



LMJC consulting services focus on strategic and business planning, marketing and brand development, and project management.


Using a template to write your business plan is NOT a good idea. Templates do not ask vital questions and give you feedback.


A well planned strategy can avoid costly mistakes and blunders, evaluate assumptions that should be challenged, and set realistic goals and milestones.


We have produced over 30 regulatory-compliant business plans and 20 business cases and feasibility studies.


  • A diverse client base in any industry. We serve the different goals and perspectives of many types of public and private stakeholders.

  • A diverse client base in the cannabis industry. We facilitate the commercial and licensing requirements of cannabis companies in Canada and elsewhere. 

  • We write policy and white papers for industry.

"As the owner of a cannabis micro grow operation, one of our early challenges was investor engagement. We needed a solid business plan and some really thorough financial projections. Laura was an asset to the building of our company. She put together an impressive business plan with an outstanding financial analysis. As a result, we were able to get key investors in the early stages of our startup. Laura was always very professional and cheerful. I wholeheartedly recommend her for her excellent work and commercial knowledge of the industry."                                                     


- Martin Lalonde, Co-Founder, CannaRanch Inc

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